Zarif: Islamic world has to showcase internal unity to West

Paris, June 22, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif urged Islamic world to showcase its internal unity to the Western world.

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He made the remarks here on Tuesday night during an Iftar ceremony attended by representatives of 33 Islamic countries present in Paris as well as a number of French officials.

He said Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan embark on fasting this year to feel the plight of Syrian refugees scattered worldwide who are suffering from hunger and thirst.

Stressing the need for the Islamic states to demonstrate a strong unity among themselves, he said the Islamic World has to show the world that it could fight the extremism and terrorism which is adversely affecting the face of Islam and the Islamic world.

Zarif said the Islamic world, instead of focusing on differences, has to find ways to deal with the common challenges it faces in the name of Islam as a move to help development in the Muslim community and Islamic world.

Noting that the Muslims should think in global terms to be able to encounter injustice towards the holy religion of Islam, Zarif stressed that the most adverse case of injustice is being practiced against Palestine.

He called on all Islamic countries to try and reduce cases of differences in face of the violence and attacks they are subject to.

Saying that all Muslims need to stay together to be able to tackle problems, he said Muslims belong to a religion which is not confided to a limited geographical region but rather embraces the whole humanity as it believes that killing a single person equals killing all human beings.

He said Muslims are followers of a religion which makes it easily vivid for all that their failure to stay together would mean their collective defeat.

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