Iran attends 7th ICAPP meeting in Baku

Baku, Nov 24, IRNA -- The 7th International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) ended here with a declaration, calling for more political cooperation in the Asian continent.

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Members of 200 parties from 35 Asian states had met in Baku on Thursday to find suitable mechanism for cooperation among Asian parties.

It also called for better status for Asian parties worldwide and promotion of peace, friendship and cooperation.

Hassan Ghafourifard, member of the Executive Committee of the International Asian Parties Association, and a member of Islamic Coalition Party, along with four other members of the party and two members of Iran Parties House were present in the conference on Iran’s part.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the meeting, Ghafourifard said Iran has been actively present in the meetings of the Asian Political Parties Association, since its establishment. He said that once, Iran hosted the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association.

He said the meeting of the youth group of the Association will be held in Iran in the future.

Concurrent with the ICAPP meeting, the Youth Group of the Association too held a session in Baku, said the Iranian political party member.

Ghafourifard said organization of the Youth Group of the Association was among Iran’s offer to the former meeting of the Association, which was approved.


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