Iran favors peaceful life for all nations: minister

Moscow, Oct 4, IRNA – Visiting Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister of Iran Mohammad Hosseini said Wednesday that the Iran had no record of aggression in its history and condemned war-mongering and acts of terror.

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Addressing a gathering of the Russian students, he added that Iran has always underlined rights of all nations to have a peaceful life.

Hosseini is in Russia to attend the inaugural ceremony of Iran’s cultural week in Moscow and hold talks with the country’s senior officials.

He stressed that followers of various faiths were living freely in Iran and with no problems.

The minister further noted that the Iranian and Russian nations have enjoyed friendly ties as two neighbors.

Referring to the holding of Iran’s Cultural Week in Russia, Hosseini invited Russian university students to attend the event to get more acquainted with realities in the Iranian society.

Pointing to the commonalities between the two countries, he also hoped that holding further cultural weeks between the two nations as well as translating Persian and Russian books and exchanging of visits would help promote mutual interactions between the two nations.

Western sanctions against Iran would not create problems for the country, on the contrary it has paved the ground for thriving of the Iranian youth talents, said the Iranian minister.

Hosseini also said that the western media, led by the US, has launched a heavy propaganda against Iran to present an unrealistic image of the Iranian nation.

Fortunately, every diplomatic and cultural delegation that has visited Iran, so far, admitted the fact that negative propaganda of western media was nothing but sheer lie, said the minister.

Meanwhile, addressing another gathering in Russia by the countryˈs Iranologists, Hosseini said that Hollywood was pursuing a program of Iranophobia.

Referring to the production of the anti-Iran film ‘300’ in Hollywood, Hosseini said that the industry was trying to tarnish the image of Iran at the international level.


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