Women victims of wars waged by men

Tehran, Aug 5, IRNA -- The pictures of furious men wearing fatigues and black balaclava, toting guns and flags, and striking a heroic pose for cameras often flash by in media outlets.

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The Wednesday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily writes in its opinion column that these men of unknown origin are shown roaring and shaking the guns over their heads or punching their fisted hands in the air.

From extremists in Nigeria to the terrorists of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the images show the world has literally gone crazy.

It is interesting many people from developed countries such as Britain, Australia and Germany and also from Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Iraq have joined them.

They cry for freedom and justice while committing massacres and launching cruel attacks on ordinary people. They are, contrary to their mottos, resort to brutal behaviors like genocide to achieve their so-called freedom and justice!

But where are the women? This is the question.

There was no news about women for a long time until the ISIL forces took over different parts of neighboring Iraq. But finally the news leaked out.

The shocking news about the abuse of Iraqi women by ISIL terrorists soon made the headlines. Nobody expected the group, which is openly committing crimes, not to harm women.

Shortly after the news of sexual abuse of Iraqi women, particularly those of certain religious denominations, we heard about the stoning of two women to death in a local market on charges of adultery.

However, more shocking news was ISILˈs order requiring female genital mutilation, which could lead to womenˈs permanent sexual inability and a health disaster in the region. It is estimated to affect the lives of four million women and girls in Iraq, depriving them of a healthy and natural living.

The so-called decree has caused fear and panic among Iraqi women.

Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by another extremist group [Boko Haram] are experiencing similar sufferings. The group spokesman said the girls will be given the chance of freedom if they get pregnant.

It is not accidental that the world TV channels are airing the pictures of mourning Gazan children and women as the most indelible shots of human catastrophe, opined Ladan Rahbari.

Women in Iraq, Syria and Gaza are all victims of wars they have had no role in.

European women and mothers, crying in front of cameras and asking their children to return instead of fighting for unknown goals in the Middle East, are also the victims of a male-dominated ideology.

Some believe that women had better have such an inferior status and play no role in the senseless violence men are committing. But, it is not possible to choose between the role of a victim and a criminal and prefer one to the other. Furthermore, studies on psychological and behavioral characteristics of women make one reasonably presume that at least some of these inhuman events could have been avoided if women and men were in an equal position.


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