Supreme Leader: Nuclear scientists to proceed with Research and Development

Tehran, April 9, IRNA – Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday that Iranian nuclear scientists will proceed with Research and Development (R&D) in line with Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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The Supreme Leader made the remarks in reception of the officials of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) to mark the the National Nuclear Day.

The Supreme Leader said that Iranˈs most important nuclear achievement is building up national self-confidence and preparing the ground for other scientific achievements.

The Supreme Leader said that Washington used the national nuclear program as a pretext to advance its hostile goals toward Iran.

The Supreme Leader said that the current nuclear talks are aiming to disarming Washington and break the hostile atmosphere of the camp of arrogance against Iran.

ˈThe talks should continue; however, all should know that despite continued talks, the Islamic Republic of Iranˈs scientists will proceed with R&D in line with Non-Proliferation Treaty.ˈ

The Leader said that the Islamic Republic of Iran cannot stop progress in science and technology and will continue with the national nuclear program in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Supreme Leader said at the same time that Iran will work with the IAEA in line with the Charter of the agency and not more.

Ayatollah Khamenei congratulated the nuclear scientists on National Day of Nuclear Technology and said designation of such a day is result of efforts and endeavors of the active specialized and committed forces of the national nuclear program.

ˈThough nuclear science is used for energy generation and in the fields of industry, health, agriculture, food security and trade, the most important benefit of nuclear knowledge in Iran is promoting national self-confidence.ˈ

ˈOne more tricks of the camp of arrogance against the Islamic Republic has been creating antagonistic atmosphere in the international community. Nuclear issue is an instance of the issues that they used as a pretext to forge lies and raise hues and cry against the Islamic Republic.ˈ

Ayatollah Khamenei said that even after the religious edicts which made it clear it that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not seek nuclear weapons, the American officials do not give up their propaganda over the civilian nuclear program.

Ayatollah Khamenei said their goal is to use the pretext to preserve anti-Iran international atmosphere and on the same basis the government preferred to go ahead with the nuclear talks to break the global atmosphere and deprive the adversaries of any initiative. So that the truth became known to the world public opinion.

The Supreme Leader underlined that of course, the talks do not mean that the Islamic Republic of Iran will fall short of its scientific nuclear achievement.

ˈIranian negotiators should insist on continued R&D by the nuclear scientists.

No one has the right to stop tne Research and Development.ˈ

The Supreme Leader said that the nuclear specialists and scientists have paved the way for progress in science and technology and they must proceed.

Ayatollah Khamenei said if scientific move in nuclear technology is continued with might and seriousness, a broad spectrum of technologies will be brought about speedily, so, no stop or slow pace is possible in nuclear science.

The Supreme Leader said progress in various technologies is possible regarding talent of the youth. ˈIn any field there is necessary structure available, young scientists of the country will be able to do amazing and remarkable moves.ˈ

The Ayatollah pointed to talks between Iran and two other countries (Turkey and Brazil) several years ago to provide fuel for Tehran Research Reactor and said that time, a formula was worked out for delivery of fuel, but, the Americans floated the plan despite they had acknowledged mediation efforts of their friends in the region and of a South American state.

ˈThat time, in the beginning I said the US does not wish the problem be solved and then all saw that when the agreement on delivery of the fuel came to be implemented, the Americans refused.ˈ

Ayatollah Khamenei said that time, when our specialists announced that they are capable of producing nuclear fuel sheet for Tehran reactor, the westerners derided them, but, our youth managed to do something making enemies astonished.


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