Close contact, important asset of Iran-Pak ties: APP Chief

Islamabad, April 17, IRNA -- Managing Director of Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) strongly believes that close people to people contact between Iran and Pakistan is the most important asset of bilateral ties.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Muhammad Qamarullah Chaudhry said that upcoming visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Iran would further enhance strong relations between Iran and Pakistan.

“I hope the visit will go a long way in strengthen our brotherly relations with Iran,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will pay a two-day official visit to Iran from April 21.

****PM Iran visit
Muhammad Qamarullah Chaudhry said Iran and Pakistan have historical, religious, cultural and political relations. “There have been ups and down in political relations but more or less relations remained good and both countries always supported each other on different international issues, he said.

He said that due to peculiar situation in the region, it was needed that if there is some irritant or some wrinkles in the relationship they should be removed.

MD APP expressing his views said that situation of Afghanistan, Middle East and border issues would also be discussed between Iran and Pakistan during Prime Minister’s Iran visit.

He said Iran and Pakistan have very strong people to people contacts. He noted that people to people contact is great strength for the two countries to be closer and to have a united stand on national and international issues.

****Iran-Pak trade ties
He added that another important aspect of the ties between the two countries is bilateral trade. “Looking at the team which Prime Minister is taking to Iran, one could hope that some bilateral agreements on enhancing trade would be worked out,” said Qamarullah Chaudhry.

The official said that exchange of high level delegations always bring the countries together and enhance their cooperation and chances of irritants are minimized.

****Media cooperation
He said that world has now become a global city in which media play a very important role. He noted that information has started passing out so quickly and social media tools have made everything instant all over the world.

He was of the view that now days more stress is being given to digitalization of the media and now the survival of bigger media houses like news agencies depends upon their interaction and close cooperation with other news agencies.

“Cooperation between IRNA and APP is very important and IRNA has been trying to sign a fresh agreement with APP,” he said.

He added that both news agencies don’t need a fresh agreement to expand their cooperation because we already have an arrangement and we can use IRNA stories and they can use APP stories.

Qamarullah Chaudhry expressing his views said that IRNA bureau office is working in Pakistan and the cooperation between IRNA and APP is going on but there is a need to expand that cooperation.

“I think the state news agencies also work like diplomats because they help the people of the countries to come close to each other,” said the MP APP.

He added that in coming years media cooperation between Iran and Pakistan would be increased.

****US withdrawal from JCPOA
The Pakistani top journalist said that Iran has every right to pursue a peaceful nuclear program. He said that Iran is fully abiding by the international law regarding the JCPOA and the IAEA has confirmed that.

He said that unfortunately some countries like Zionist Regime are allowed to pursue a dangerous nuclear program and the world has become a silent spectator. “They are free to do whatever they want to do,” noted Chaudhry. He said western countries’ approach towards Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is biased.

The official termed the US unilateral withdrawal from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as unjustified. He said any conflict between the US and Iran has to be solved through negotiations and the US has to come on to the negotiation table.

“They have to give right to Iran to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” said the senior journalist.

****Regional cooperation
Qamarullah Chaudhry expressing his views said that western countries are biased towards Muslims and they always pursue policy of double standards for Muslims. He added that Iran and Pakistan being two important Muslim states can play an important role for the stability of the Muslim world.

He called upon the Muslim world to shun their differences and unite to protect the rights of Muslims all over the world. He added that issues of Palestine and Kashmir should be resolved according to the United Nations resolutions.

He said that Iran and Pakistan need to side with each other on regional issues and resolve them peacefully.


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