US Golan choice sets a dangerous precedent: Pak analyst

Islamabad, April 16, IRNA -- A Pakistani analyst says the recent decision by the US President Donald Trump to recognize Zionist’s annexation of the Golan is a dangerous precedent for the future of international law.

Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi in his article published in 'Daily Times' on Tuesday said the big game of this era is being played on the global chessboard where a new geopolitical alliance between Washington and Tel Aviv is going on to visualize the dream of the ‘Greater Israel’.

The fact is that the Golan is a Syrian territory illegally occupied by Zionist regime and recognized by the world as such, he said.

He said undoubtedly, US’ political adventurism over Golan makes the future of the Mideast peace totally unpredictable and bleak.

“It is not only Syria that is unsecure but also the whole region of the West Bank including the Gaza Strip,” viewed the expert.

He went on to say that Washington move is a reflection on Trump-Netanyahu disdain for international law backed by their political collaboration over Zionist Regime’s quest for territorial expansion.

Rizvi noted that by signing this order, President Trump has ended a legacy about half a century of US foreign policy by walking away from the post-second world war international consensus on the Golan Heights.

“Clearly, US foreign policy has reached a historic low point by unjustifiably legitimizing the illegal occupation of territories belonging to another sovereign country. Golan’s status cannot be changed via Trump’s unilateral move,” said the analyst. He added Syria is justified in retaking the Golan from Israel.

He said Trump’s controversial decision to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in November, 2017 has already created resentment in the Arab-Palestinian community and now this move seems to have added an injury to the Palestinians’ wounds.


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