US policies push towards trading with nat'l currencies

Tehran, Dec 17, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Monday that the US policies have made countries to substitute the US dollar with national currencies in financial transactions.

“The White House’s policies as well as the problems caused by the role of dollar in financial exchanges, which is used as a political tool for some countries, have made countries conduct their economic collaborations in their national currencies,” Qasemi said, addressing whether Iran’s trend in using national currencies is going to be implemented with East Asian countries.

He added that some countries have held talks with Iran on trading in national currencies, but he did not provide further details.

Elaborating on the news about the Chinese companies' withdrawal from Iran’s oil and gas projects, he said, 'The US and its Department of Treasury spares no effort to put major companies under the pressure in order to disrupt collaborations with Iran.”

“The news on the cessation of collaborations should be followed from official governmental media which are more reliable,” he added.

“Iraq is one of our good partners and the two countries will continue to collaborate. We expect cooperation with Iraq to expand in new fields in the future,” he stressed while answering a question on the status of Iran-Iraq economic cooperation on the eve of the expiration of Iraq's 45-day exemption from US sanctions on Iran.

Talking about the news on the possible military operation of Turkey in the northern parts of Syria, the Foreign Ministry spokesman noted, “It’s Iran’s policy that any action within Syrian territories must be with the permission of the Syrian central government, otherwise it may harm the Astana process which is followed by Iran, Turkey, and Russia.”


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