Zarif calls for respecting int'l regulations

Tehran, Dec 9, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message called for respecting international law to have stronger region.

'Our region has had far too many strongmen who have only caused war & misery. What we need is a stronger REGION rather than strongmen. For this we need dialogue, respect for international law, inclusion, security networking, economic cooperation, and more people-to-people contact,' Zarif tweeted on Sunday.

Earlier Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressing the 2nd Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey, said 'The person who has humiliated civilizations cannot be expected to be the guardian of the common grounds of civilization.'

“A country that has started a trade war with China, uses sarcastic tones with Pakistan, humiliates Afghanistan, punishes Turkey, threatens Russia and imposes sanctions against Iran, is the prime suspect for breaking the bonds,' he added.

“If the US thinks that it can break us apart, it is gravely mistaken, and we are here to say it out loud that we will not tolerate this insolence, and we will stand against them,' he noted.

Rouhani went on to say that it is coordination and cooperation that create security; 'to confront the common threats that do not recognize any boundary and territory, we need to take a new approach towards boundary and territory. We need to have more flexible governances that are more compatible with fair division of labor against our common threats.'


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