US, Zionist regime slapped at the UN: Palestinian resistance

Tehran, Dec 7, IRNA – Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad said on Friday that the rejection of a US anti-Palestinian draft resolution at the UN General Assembly was indicative of the legitimacy of the Palestinian cause and a hard slap on the face of Washington and Tel Aviv.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad also hailed the efforts by the countries, organizations and groups supporting Palestine that helped the Palestinian resistance in the UN voting.

In its Thursday evening session, the UN General Assembly did not give the required two-thirds majority votes to the US proposed draft. Out of all those member states present at the session, 87 members voted in favor of the resolution, 57 voted against, with 33 abstentions so that the US proposed draft condemning Hamas failed to gain the required votes to be passed.

Davoud Shahab, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad Movement, said that the failure of the US plan at the United Nations was a hard slap on the face of the US and the Zionist regime that tend to spread lies in international tribunes.

He criticized those countries that voted in favor of the US draft, saying they will feel ashamed for their hypocrisy, fear and disregard for truth.

Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum also thanked those countries that helped the Palestinians in the voting and said that they actually supported justice and defended the right.


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