3,000 of Yazidis' children still in ISIL's captivity

Baghdad, Dec 4, IRNA - The latest statistics from the official sources indicate that the 3,000 Iraqi Yazidis children are still in captivity of the ISIL's Takfiri terrorist group.

The administration of Yazidis Religious Affairs at the Iraqi Kurdistan Region's Ministry of Awqaf in a statement, announced the UN's new statistics by the end of November 2018 about the victims of the ISIL 2014 invasion of Iraq in the Yazidis regions.

According to the statistics, after four years of ISIL's attack, 3,000 and 83 children including 1,427 girls children are in ISIL's captivity.

The total number of Iraqi captives in ISIL's grip amounted to 6,000 and 417 including 3,000 and 548 of women and girls of which 3,000 and 334 including 1,000 and 159 women and girls, who were later recovered from ISIL, while the rest remain hostage to ISIL.

So far, 71 collective graves and dozens of graves of Yazidis victims have been discovered, according to the statistics.

The destruction of 68 tombs and the religious shrine of Yazidis and displacement of around 100,000 are other parts of the statistics.

1,000 and 293 Yazidis were also killed in the first days of the ISIL’s attack.

The administration of Yazidis Religious Affairs also announced that there are currently 2,000 orphans including 1,000 and 759 without father, 407 children without mother, 359 children without parents and 220, whose parents are captives of ISIL, among the victims of ISIL.


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