By: Maryam Azish

Estonia lauds Iranian style of story telling

Tehran, Nov 11, IRNA – Estonian film journalist Tristan Priimägi hailed the style of storytelling in Iranian cinema and poetry.

'I’m a big fan of Iranian cinema - poetic, non-linear, allegorical way of storytelling. I have been educating myself mostly with features, I’m afraid, but I have also watched all the shorts of Kiarostami that I have been able to lay my hands on, like The Bread and Alley, Recess, Orderly and Disorderly, etc,' Priimägi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on the sidelines of the 35th Tehran International Short Film Festival which is underway in the Iranian capital city.

'I’m always looking forward to refreshing my acquaintance with Iranian short stories,' he added.

'I agree that cinema has an important role in bridging gap between classes, races and cultures, but only if it’s done with the art of cinema in mind, first and foremost, not some opportunist socio-political agenda,' Priimägi said.

'Important messages need to be delivered in a correct manner, otherwise it’s just another example of advertising that belittles film,' he added.

Priimägi went on to say that 'Iranian cinema is one of the most significant cinematographies in the world, that often gets left out of the occidental film history, like the rest of Asia and South America.'

'I feel that most intriguing things take place in the geographical regions that we only see in peripheral vision, when the blockbuster posters are screaming in our faces. I envy you that in your cinematic universe, Iran is in the centre,' he noted.


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