English commentator: Prince Charles has tendency towards Islam

London, Nov 9, IRNA - The British royal affairs writer, Robert Jabson, in his latest book, presents an analysis of Prince Charles' characters and beliefs, the son of Queen Elizabeth II and the future king of England, while focusing notably on his tendency towards Islam.

Jabson has written in his book, entitled 'Charles At Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams', that Charles is a keen student of Islam who has read the Quran and studies Arabic.
Prince Charles signs letters to regional leaders in Arabic, Jobson further writes in the book.

Charles, who will assume the presidency of the Church of England after he becomes the King, believes that Islam teaches how to live in the world, and instead Christianity has lost its path.

In his opinion, the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism have many common grounds and discoveries.

Charles opposes anti-Islamic policies in some European countries, and he believes that the laws are in violation of human rights. He told the British government that he was no longer inclined to be abused as a camouflage doll for selling weapons to Arab countries, according to the book.
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