Egyptian Newspaper: Zeroing Iran's oil exports an illusion

Algiers, Nov 9, IRNA - In an article on the US' anti-Iran sanctions and allegations, the Thursday edition of Egyptian Al-Watan newspaper wrote that Americans have exaggerated the impact of sanctions on Tehran and evidence suggests zeroing Iran's oil exports is a false dream.

The article, written by Hassan Abutaleb, expert of the Center for Political and Strategic Studies of Al-Ahram, dwelt on the beginning of the second phase of the US sanctions against the Iranian nation to affect the critical sectors of Iran's economy and mainly oil, banks and financial and commercial transactions in dollar with other countries.

Al-Watan wrote that through the sanctions, the US is following two main goals: First, the collapse and bankruptcy of the Iranian economy and, consequently, degredation of the people's standard of living.

It added that the US imagined it would provoke people against the system.

Secondly, it added, the sanctions will cause changes in the attitude, plans and programs of Iranian officials, then resulting in reversal of Iran's foreign policy so much so that Iran will admit talks with the US to achieve new agreements and understanding on certain regional issues, chiefly Iran's nuclear programs and missile industries and its role in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran and the entire Middle East region. .

Al-Watan continued that the fact is that the US' success to force Iranians to revolt and make Iranian system concentrate inside is not guaranteed because Iranians have since long years ago been accustomed to living under harsh conditions.

Additionally, it added, Iranian establishment's opposition abroad have very limited influence inside Iran and are not at all present in Iranian territory.

It continued that such a weak influence will make it meaningless to set conditions on their role.

Furthermore, Iranian officials have lots of experience in curbing and controlling impact of sanctions, imposed on Iran over the past few years, wrote Al-Watan, adding that relying on the experience, Iran would defeat agents behind recent sanctions.

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