Iranian MP: Enemy confessed to Iran as top regional military power

Kerman, Nov 9, IRNA - Chairman of Iran Parliament's Economic Commission says Iran's military authority in fight against the enemy forced the US to admit that the country is the first military power of the region.

Mohammad-Reza Pour-Ebrahimi added on Thursday evening, 'The Islamic Republic's military authority represented in its combat readiness has today forced the enemy to discard the military option from its agenda when dealing with the Islamic system.'

He said, 'Today, enemy is mainly focusing on economic issues; the US and European countries, especially the countries in the region that put enemy plan against Iran into action, are getting united to materialize economic objectives against Iran following Iranian people's successfully emerging triumphant over big tests in the course of the 40 years.'

Pour-Ebrahimi said, 'Americans imagine that through sanctions and creation of problems for Iran they would be able to make the Islamic Republic establishment divert from its path but our people will never exchange their dignity for anything else because the Islamic Republic is rooted in depth of people's heart.'
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