Lebanese analyst: Iranian nation united against external danger

Beirut, Nov 6, IRNA- Lebanon journalist and analyst Wassim Bazi, referring to US sanctions against Iran, said, throughout its thousands of years history, the Iranian nation has proven that is united and stands against the threats that this time is US president Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), he added, “Trump unites the Iranians against the external threat that targets not only the political system, but also the life and existence of Iran.”

“The Iranians are famous for their culture and civilization over thousands of years ago,” said the Lebanese analyst.

He called the US policy of sanctions against Iran and simultaneously exempting some countries from the inclusion of oil sanctions as a “stick and carrot” policy, saying the US President Donald Trump wants to impose sanctions and, at the same time, give Iranians a breath to be forced to the negotiating table to meet at least half the requirements.


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