Ayad Allawi: Anti-Iranian sanctions have profound effects on Iraq

Baghdad, Nov 6, IRNA - Ayad Allawi, former prime minister and leader of the Al-Wataniya faction in the Iraqi parliament, said on Tuesday that the US anti-Iran sanctions would have a profound impact on the Iraqi economy.

Ayad Allawi expressed concerns about the negative consequences of the United States' unilateral sanctions on Iraq, in a statement released by the Iraqi news agency Al-Ma'alumeh.

Allawi argued that he was always opposed to any military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran or sanctions against the Iranian nation.

In line with the government's position and many Iraqi political leaders, he called for his country to be exempted from unilateral and illegal US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran and said that the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq are unique.

He noted that in the issue of unilateral US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, calm and restraint should be maintained in order to achieve understanding.

Allawi considers the current situation as the best opportunity for Baghdad to mediate between Washington and Tehran.


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