Conquest of Spy Den true reaction of Iran nation to US plots

Bojnourd, Nov 4, IRNA -The conquest of the US Spy Den in 1979 was a natural reaction to the American tyranny, because of insulting the nation and conspiracy against our country and the right of the Iranian people, a senior official said.

Deputy Director for International Affairs of The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Hussain Sheikh ul-Eslam said on Sunday that the slogan “Down with the US” was not related to the revolution era, adding, 'The slogan was uttered on December 6, 1953, when the United States intended to prove its bullying to the Iranian nation.'

The advisor to the Speaker of parliament said confronting the US tyranny because of insult to the nation and conspiracy against the country was considered by the Iranian people as absolute right of the people of Iran, adding that the capture of the American Spy Den was the natural reaction of the students following the line of the Imam at that time.

Sheikh ul-eslam said that according to paragraph 51 of the United Nations Charter, legitimate defense is the right of all nations, many international laws have been written by bullying governments, and they have imposed their views on these laws on others.”

“However, according to these cruel international rules, the work of students and people of Iran was legal in 1979, and if this was not done, the plots of the US would be effective”, Sheikh ul-eslam said.

He added that the United Nations Charter was legally much stronger than international conventions, and that the work of students was based on the same charter.


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