British MP slams Saudi aggression on Yemen

Tehran, Aug 11, IRNA - British leader of Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn in a message condemned recent massacre of Yemeni students by the Saudi-UAE planes.

Saudi Arabian fighters targeted a bus carrying children in the city of Zahyan, Saada Province, leaving 52 kids dead and 77 wounded, according to Yemeni Ministry of Health.

'These children were slaughtered travelling back to school after a picnic,' Corbyn wrote in his Twitter account on Friday.

'It is the latest atrocity in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, armed and backed by the UK government,' he added.

'UK support for this conflict, and the humanitarian crisis it's unleashed, must end, he reiterated.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi earlier voiced sympathy with the survivors of the victims of the Saudi-UAE planes war crime.

Qasemi asked the international community and human rights bodies to use any possible means to prevent continuation of such crimes by the countries invading Yemen.


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