President Rouhani Europe trip, brilliant initiative: Pak analyst

Islamabad, July 4, IRNA - A senior Pakistani analyst describes President Hassan Rouhani's trip to Switzerland and Austria as a positive development, adding that it would be able to help Iran to explain its own position on the latest developments.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) President Ambassador Abdul Basit said that through engagements 'we can reduce our problems and we can create understandings'.

“So I think it’s a brilliant initiative by the Iranian President,” he said.

Before his departure to Switzerland, the Iranian President urged Europe to stand against the US unilateralism following Washington's withdrawal from the JCPOA.

Abdul Basit added that it was regrettable that the US withdrew from Iran nuclear deal which nobody expected, but glad to see that Europeans are sticking to the deal and are still trying to see it does not unravel.

“As far as Pakistan is concerned you know that we have always thought that all problems related to Iran’s nuclear program should be dealt peacefully through dialogue,” he noted.

Former ambassador to India said that 'we were very happy when 2015 agreement came about, so we would still like the international community, especially the US, to abide by the deal and do not create more problems.

He went on to say that if there is tension between Iran and the US it would obviously affect 'our region, thus we cannot support any such step'.

Expressing his views, the diplomat said that 'Iran is our brother country and we are also members of the ECO, so we would very much like Iran to get out of this situation', which is not created by Iran.

“It has been created by the US unfortunately, but people of Iran are resilient people, they have been through these phases earlier as well, they have also shown enormous courage to protect their interest, so I am sure Iran will come out of this situation with more confidence and more prosperity,” said Abdul Basit.

IPRI President said the European Union is not willing to do anything which could further damage the deal and 'I don’t see any reason as to why European Union' should not comply with the deal provisions.

The expert on international affairs said the US is applying pressure on everyone even Pakistanis would see some pressure coming from Washington DC.

“I think the countries should stick to the principles and the principle are that when there is deal which has been ratified and endorsed by the international community all parties should abide by it and comply with its entirety,” he viewed.


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