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Saber al-Daghamseh*

What’s the reason for all the blind hatred against Iran?

Tehran, June 18, IRNA - Every morning, after having each meal and before falling asleep at night, they swear at Iran and insult the country, labeling it as an evil, adding they are afraid of an imaginary demon called ‘Shia’.

Out of stupidity, you fail to know that more than 20 million Sunnis live in Iran, Sunnis who have not been forced to convert to Shia at gunpoint. Throughout Iran’s history, none of them has converted to Shia.

Given this, the question is, where does this blind hatred expressed by some Arabs toward Iran stem from?

Does it stem from an inferiority complex these Arab states have developed as a consequence of witnessing that during the past 35 years, although the country has been under the severest sanctions and suffered the harshest penalties mankind has ever seen, it has not been brought to its knees and has even convinced the world to recognize its right to have peaceful nuclear technology?

Are the hatred and inferiority complex due to the fact that despite the numerous strict sanctions, Iran has turned into an economic power and a global scientific, industrial and military fortress?

Is this grudge harbored against Iran because it has absolute sovereignty which prevents ferocious Wahhabis in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Yemen from even thinking of getting close to the borders of the country? Or is it because of the fact that it is a country within which there are no Daesh terrorists to dare to harm or intimidate its people, damage the ancient sights and artefacts or destroy the tombs and sacred places?

Is this hatred due to the fact that Iran is a country that has been holding its elections regularly every four years since the victory of its 1979 Islamic Revolution, uncovers plots by some Arab states and exposes their deception and teaches them lessons they had been incapable of understanding during their reign.

Or does it stem from the fact that since 1980 Iran has been vigorously supporting the heroes who defeated their enemies (Baathists), liberated their territory entirely and brought back their prisoners of war to their families?

This comes as, currently, some Arabs are being obsequious to Israel, insolently form a coalition with it, and express happiness with their betrayal.

I understand very well the psychological crisis and depression of those who have spent billions of dollars to establish the terrorist government headed by Zahran Alloush and Abu Mohammad al-Julani in Syria. I am speaking to that Jordanian citizen who has not met an Iranian during his entire life. Where, then, does this bigotry come from?

Unfortunately, and undoubtedly, the main reason for spreading these maniacal propaganda against Iran is to stir up intense hatred toward the country and racially provoke Wahhabis.

Wahhabis are a tribe who publish the findings of their religious sciences and scientific experiences after 100 years solely in the form of dissertations on what is halal and what is haram (forbidden), marriage, privy parts of man and women, sexual intercourse and copulation and other similar subjects.

While Iran ranks first in the world in the field of research and experiment on stem cells and the country’s Tehran Symphony Orchestra performs classical music in European churches, by gifting the terrorist groups, such as Daesh and al-Nusra Front, to the world, the Wahhabis have only taught people how to crucify people, eat the liver of those whom they have murdered, enslave women and girls and sell them in markets, decapitate children, burn and drown people, throw dead bodies from the rooves of buildings, exhume bodies, plant bombs, destroy mosques and museums, set churches on fire, abduct nuns and ruin ancient cities and sacred places.

Moreover, they celebrate their heinous actions.

*Saber al-Daghamseh is a Jordanian author and essayist.

Source: Iran Daily


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