Explorations in Darian dam successful example of archeology

Tehran, May 27, IRNA - At the first National Conference of Horaman Archeology it was said that results of explorations around Darian dam has turned out to be a successful example of making scientific achievements in the field of archeology.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Rouhollah Shirazi, head of the Archeology Center of the Research Institute, as making the remark at the conference which was held at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Kurdistan.

Referring to construction activities within the domain of archeological operations, he said salvage explorations to prevent possible damage should be conducted in accordance with scientific standards, appropriate studies and by experienced experts.

He described the results of the explorations around the Darian dam as one of the successful examples of making scientific achievements in the field of archeology.

The archeologist called the experts as scientific and executive arms of the Research Institute in the provinces and emphasized that by monitoring the plans that are due to be implemented in provinces, these people should announce cases in consideration so that prior to any incident the necessary planning could be made.

The head of the Archeological Research Center referred to some of the development activities as man’s interference in the nature and reiterated that if such interference is made in the absence of planning it could inflict heavy damage, therefore all the necessary measures in this area should be comprehensively predicted.

Other speakers of the conference delivered speeches on the importance of Kurdestan archeology and its problems, taking advantage of the oral tradition and written documents for the preservation of historical monuments and cultural heritage, and cooperation of Iran National Museum with RICHT department of Kurdestan.

Following the speeches, a short video titled “Darian, a year of efforts to save thousands of years of Horaman heritage” which included short films and images of explorations and studies carried out during the salvage explorations program in the area of Darian Dam was screened.

The scientific lectures of the conference were presented in three categories including lectures on the impact of developmental activities on cultural heritage and mechanisms to reduce their destructive effects, geology and geomorphology of the region, and remote sensing studies, results of surveys conducted in the area of Darian dam and power station, and results of the study of the archeological ethnology and ancient zoology.

The speakers presented the results of their research on the works and remains of different archaeological periods ranging from the Paleolithic, village-dwelling, the Iron Age to the recent centuries.

In addition, the results of geological, geomorphological, ancient zoology and archeological ethnology which were conducted in the area of Darian dam were also presented.

The purpose of holding the one-day National Conference on Horaman Archeology was to present the results of salvage archeological research works in the area of ​​Darian dam in the city of Sarvabad, which was presented in the form of 12 scientific lectures.

Meanwhile, the participants which, in addition to officials also included archeologists, geologists and experts of Kurdestan Province Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department as well as university professors, inspected Horaman and the areas of the two Neyabad and Darian dams.

The areas inspected included a place (graveyard) dating back to the Parthian era and the site of Neyabad dam and later an Iron Age grave in the vicinity of Ravar Village which was explored during the salvage explorations in the area of Darian dam.

The large grave with rocky stone architecture without any mortar dates back to the first millennium BC which, after completion of the explorations and with the support of the Iran Water Resources Development Company and the Cultural Heritage Department of Kurdistan Province and the village administration of Ravar Village turned into a site museum.

Head of the exploration team, Taher Qassimi, said preservation of this unique work and turning it into a site museum has been one of the research purposes of the team in order to increase public attention to the preservation and maintenance of cultural works in the region and to contribute to the growth of tourism in the area of ​​Horaman.


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