Iran after security in Afghanistan: Envoy

Kabul, May 20, IRNA – Insecurity in Afghanistan is against Iran's interests and this is an argument no one can reject, said Iran ambassador to Afghanistan in an interview with an Afghan television network.

'Iran considers Afghanistan a ground for participation not a ground for rivalries and as long as Iran's interests are concerned, instability in Afghanistan is not going to be to the benefit of Tehran's interests in the country,' Mohammad Reza Bahrami told Ariana Television Network Saturday evening.

Bahrami stressed that Iran has never used Afghanistan as a ground for settling disputes with its adversaries.

'Why should we do such a thing?' the Iranian envoy asked, trying to respond to some comments that Iran is using Afghanistan as a ground to face and deal with its enemies.

'Iran has 1,000 km of common border with Afghanistan and it is hosting 3,000,000 Afghan refugees,' he said, asking 'How is it possible for Iran to see Afghanistan as an instable nation?'

Based on no logic and no reason anybody could make such an Argument that Iran is after insecurity in Afghanistan.

'The loser of such an approach is going to be Iran,' he said, stressing that Tehran is concerned about promotion of insecurity in its eastern neighbor.

Bahrami went on to warn against some arguments made and hyped by some parties in Afghanistan against Iran.

Such hyped comments and arguments, he said, are not originally promoted by governmental circles.

They are all aimed at promoting Iranophobia in Afghanistan, one day in the name of religion, one day at the pretext of protecting geopolitical interests and one day by referring to the dispute with the United States or Saudi Arabia, the Iranian envoy said.

He said that Tehran believes maintaining peace in Afghanistan is urgent.

'We should help Afghanistan fulfill its potentials and to achieve this we have taken practical steps,' he reiterated.

One of the practical steps Iran has taken is the trilateral agreement between Tehran, Kabul and New Delhi to develop the Chabahar Port City in the Persian Gulf, he said, referring to the joint project that will provide landlocked Afghanistan with access to open waters.

'Iran is after a level of engagement with Afghanistan not affected by minor factors while at the same time guarantee mutual interests,' Bahrami said.


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