Syrian Army frees 13 abductees in Harasta city

Damascus, March 23, IRNA/SANA - The Syrian Arab Army on Thursday managed to free 13 abductees who were held inside Harasta city on the outskirts of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside.

SANA’s reporter said that the abductees were transported to the hospital to receive the necessary medical services.

The reporter said that 30 buses, carrying 1,580 persons, among them 619 men of whom 413 militants in addition to 385 women and 576 children, left Harasta city into Idlib.

Earlier, a number of vehicles and buses have entered the city of Harasta under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) to transport the first batch of the militants and their families, the reporter said, adding that 16 busses carrying 1288 persons, including 357 men, 270 women, 418 children and 243 militants assembled in preparation for the evacuation to Idleb.

The reporter disclosed information that an agreement has been reached for transporting 1,500 militants and some 6,000 persons of their families in two batches towards Idleb province, indicating that competent authorities will enter the city in order to rehabilitate it and pave the way for the return of all state institutions.

Information about a number of bodies and a map of Harasta’s tunnels will be provided, according to special sources.


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