American professor hails Iranian filmmakers

Kuala Lumpur, March 14, IRNA – The experimental narrative style of Iranian films is amazing and the Iranian directors have made a difference in the nature of cinema art, an American film expert and university professor said on Wednesday.

'The Iranian directors have changed the nature of cinema art,' Raymond Krill, a professor at the Malaysia's Limkokwing University told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on the sidelines of the first Iranian film festival in Malaysia.

The Iranian film festival, with 6 films and two groups of artists, is being held in Malaysia in March. The film festival on March 7-17 will be held in coordination with Malaysian institutes, Krill said.

'I was surprised that how really experimental their narrative style is,' he said speaking of Iranian films screened in the festival.

'Their visual styles were also totally new,' he said.

Commenting on the main themes of the Iranian films, namely human relations, personal relationships in families and work and culture in Iran, the American professor expressed for a day to visit Iran to know the country, its people and culture better.

He described the Iranian experimental films as one of the best experimental films in the world.

'A kind of deep humanism' and 'honesty' form the prominent characteristics of Iranian films, he said.

'The deepest feelings that people have in a real way, not an artificial one' so that even an American person can understand it.

Hollywood is an industry, and is mainly made to make money, to commercialize ideas, the American professor said.

Answering a question on the sanctions the US has imposed on Iran, he said that sanctions are not effective.

Sanctions do not work, whether they are imposed on Iran or any other country, Krill said.

'It is a primitive way of doing political activity,' he added.

'The Iranian intellect and the Iranian history is so big and so grand, and the Americans are dealing with a sophisticated culture,' he said, adding that he did not believe that imposing sanctions is a sophisticated way of bringing political change.

The first Iranian film festival is aimed at promoting cultural engagement between Iran and Malaysia, and providing an opportunity for the public and the artists in the southeastern Asian country to develop a better understanding of the film industry in Iran, Ali Mohammad Sabeqi, Iran's cultural attaché in Malaysia told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Wednesday.

Sweet Taste of Imagination by Kamal Tabrizi, The Queen by Mohammad Ali Basheh Ahangar, Crazy Castle by Abolhasan Davoodi, Under the Smokey Roof by Pooran Derakhshandeh, Ceasefire 2 by Tahmineh Milani, and Where Are My Shoes by Kiomars Poorahmad will be put on the screen in the festival.

The films will be screened for free in cities of Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru.


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