Assailant on Iran envoy's residence in Vienna an extremist Salafi

Vienna, March 13, IRNA – Austrian officials announced on Tuesday that the assailant who attacked a police officer in front of Iranian ambassador's residence in Vienna had extremist tendencies.

Head of Austrian Public Security Department Michael Karris said in a press conference that primary evidences indicated that the 26-year old man evidently has tendencies towards political Islam (extremism and Salafi) and added that the confiscated items from his residence will be further examined in the coming days.

According to an Austrian press report, search operation of police and anti-terrorism units on Monday in residence of assailant did not make yet clear the cause and motive of his action.

Data and information from his computer and mobile is still under investigation and officers are hopeful by completing the investigation they can find motive of the person.

Austrian police in a statement on Monday announced that the motive of the Sunday evening attack against Iran's ambassador residence in Vienna is not clear and large scale investigation has already been begun.

An assailant with a knife attacked a guard in front of Iran's ambassador residence in district 13 of Vienna at 11:30 pm Sunday evening.

In spite of using pepper spray by the guard, the assailant succeeded to injure arm of the guard and finally was killed by shooting.

He was Austrian citizen with Egyptian descent.


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