Iran leading role in fighting terrorism unignorable: Former Duma member

Moscow, March 13, IRNA – Iran has an unignorable role in stabilizing the region and fighting terrorism and in the Middle East, said a former member of the Russian Duma (parliament).

'Being attacked by terrorists from around the world, the Middle East is in a dire situation,' said Shamil Soltanov.

Soltanov said that the situation is the result of the US' dangerous policies in the region, which has de facto changed into a pretext for their military presence in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region.

'In the current situation, Iran is the only regional country that is trying its best to fight terrorism; and unlike other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, it is not playing with the issue,' he said.

Saying that Iran is a partner of Iraq and Syria in fighting terrorism, and a partner of Afghanistan in some other issues, he added that increase in the cooperation between Iran and Russia in the recent years to fight terrorism signifies the high level of trust between the two counties.

The US has divided the terrorist into 'insider' and 'outsider' groups, and overtly and covertly helps the latter, Soltanov said.

He also said that the US follows such policies to disintegrate the regional countries to loot their resources.

Iran, as the region's strong player, has been resisting the US; Tehran's support for its neighbors show that Iran is trying to provide the region with stability, said Soltanov.


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