US untrustworthy, war crime accomplice: Ex New Zealand MP

Kuala Lumpur, March 10, IRNA - Former member of New Zealand's Parliament believes the US' ongoing support for all and any military crime the Israeli regime commits, and defying human rights and the basic tenets of civilization, make it not only untrustworthy, but a war crimes accomplice.

'There will be no peace in the world so long as the USA behaves as an unrestrained global war monger,' Richard Mayson, former member of New Zealand's Parliament, said in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'The USA is the major backer of Sunni Jihadist terrorism in the world and its role in both claiming to attack and eliminate Daesh, whilst providing cover for them to escape when under siege in such cities as Deir Ez Zur in Syria and Mosul in Iraq, was a glaring portrayal of collusion and duplicity, according to him.'

'It continues to do this both in Syria and Iraq, actively providing military assistance to the Saud’s in the Yemen and covert forces back up, criminal activity in Afghanistan by the CIA with opium poppy cultivation and global distribution and war crime attacks on innocent civilians,' said the former parliamentarian.

'In contrast, Iran seeks only to defend itself and consolidate a decent, modern, Islamic state and in partnership with other states sharing this objective.'

Where Iran has links with resistance movements like Hizbullah, he added, it is simply to fight against US and Israel instigated violence and mayhem and that is in the DNA of the House of Saud.

The ormer member of New Zealand's Parliament also said that it was Hizbullah that forced out the Israeli troops from Lebanon and is fighting against the Saudi-UEA, and Western-supported genocide in Yemen.