Indian journalist defines Zionist regime as an apartheid system

New Delhi, Jan 17, IRNA - A senior Indian journalist blasted the Zionist regime as an apartheid regime which is in habit of violating the human rights of the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Talking to IRNA in an exclusive interview here on Wednesday, Saurabh Kumar Shahi who is the Associate Editor of the English Magazine “the Sunday Indian” said: “That Israel is an apartheid regime is beyond question. There is an emerging consensus even among the Jewish philosophers and thinkers in this regard. As Israel is getting isolated in the West, it is trying to capitalize on the hatred of certain elements in India towards Muslims.”

“What makes things worst is the fact that some nations have fallen over each other to normalize their ties with the Zionist regime. Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. are now not even apologetic about their continued cooperation with the Quds occupying regime. Under the circumstances, India gets to make a valid excuse that it cannot be more Arab than Arabs themselves. This is our tragedy,” added the seasoned analyst of the world affairs.

On the reasons for the increasing closeness between India and the Zionist Regime, Kumar Shahi said: “India has been trying to woo Israel mostly for defense purchase purposes though the Zionists have been very unscrupulous in doing business, and have been involved in several defense related scams in the past. While on the face of it, this is problematic; it also creates opportunity for the people involved in the deals to line their pockets.”

Kumar Shahi who is also a visiting faculty member at the University of Warsaw, Poland, went on to express concern over India’s current position on the Palestine issue.

He said : “In spite of all the denials, India has not only diluted its support for Palestine, but has outright squandered it. Except for those resolutions where India cannot break ranks with the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and other third world countries, it has started to vote in line with the Zionist regime wishes.”

“At this time this is being done through abstentions on pro-Palestine votes, in the future it will turn into outright against-vote. India continues to help Palestine financially, but this is just hogwash. Most of these financial commitments are a pittance considering the size of its economy,” he added.


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