Trump threats against Iran out of frustration: Syria envoy

Tehran, Oct 25, IRNA – US President Donald Trump's threats against Iran are as a result of his frustration and failure of Washington's plots in the region, said the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Mahmoud Adnan.

'Realities about the Iran nuclear deal or other regional issues demonstrate Iran's right stance, Adnan told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) during an interview on Tuesday.

'Iran's presence in the region is in accordance with the international laws and regulations, and in line with safeguarding territorial integrity of the countries in the region, he said.

On the contrary, US policies are mostly against the international laws,' the Syrian envoy said.

Facts and achievements on the ground in Syria, made countries formerly opposing Syria revise their views, he added.

He also said that those who are seeking to establish relations with Syria should stop supporting the terrorists and put an end to unilateral sanctions against Syrian people.

Criticizing certain regional countries for supporting terrorists in Syria, Adnan said, 'The US government sees the Middle East though Israel's eyes and speaks for Israel, and even, we see that [US President Donald] Trump uses the same rhetoric adopted by [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.'

Reacting to the Saudis' idea that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should stay in power, but Iran must leave Syria, he said, 'Iran-Syria ties are strategic and deep and are rooted in affiliations between people of the two countries.'

Adnan also said that comments heard about Iran-Syria ties are the outcome of a sense of failure and despair by some parties.

Relations between Iran and Syria are not based on hatred and vengeance and they don't have their roots in dependence to any party, so they are not subject to bargaining.


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