Zarif: Trump rhetoric regarding Iran non-diplomatic

Tehran, Oct 14, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Saturday slammed US President Donald Trump’s non-diplomatic rhetoric regarding Iran, saying his remarks were inappropriate, as he did not observed diplomatic norms in his speech.

Speaking in a televised interview, Zarif further noted that stances taken by Trump against the Iranian nation are not something new, as US has been hostile towards Iran and stood in contrast to it over the past four decades.

After Trump’s speech on Friday about his new strategy towards Iran, most of the world analysts maintained that he had nothing to say, as an American analyst contended that he covered up his lack of strategy behind the harsh remarks, Zarif added.

He further noted that what was evident in Trump’s speech was the US’ hostile attitude towards Iran which is a history, as the Americans staged coup some six decades ago to topple the democratic administration in Iran and install the coup d’etat government.

“Americans have adopted false policies in the face of Iran and paid for them,” Zarif said.

Lambasting Trump’s remarks against the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Zarif said that the force is dear for the Iranian nation and Iranians are proud of IRGC.

'The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps alongside the Army serves as the guarantor of the country’s territorial integrity,' he said, noting that IRGC is “originated from the people” of Iran.

As to distorting the name of the Persian Gulf by the US hawkish president, Zarif said that the US president has shown the world that 'he does not respect any historical, geographical or regional realities.'

Shortly after Trump’s speech, President Rouhani in his excellent and decent speech strongly reacted to distortion of the Persian Gulf name by him and invited the US president to precisely study history and geography again.

“Trump made the statement to please those buying US arms,” Zarif said, noting that all his regional allies are dictator and repressive regimes which have not experienced ballot box even once.

As for labeling Iran by the US President as a rebel country, the foreign minister said that rebel is the one who has trampled upon all his country’s commitments under the international deals.

'A rebel is someone who does not abide by any international regulations,' Zarif said, adding that since he took office as president in January, Trump has not only wanted to quit Iran nuclear deal, but he has also walked away from US other international accords including the Pacific Cooperation Treaty, UNESCO, Paris Agreement.

Asked about Iran’s alleged silence against the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the Syrian government, Zarif said that Iran as a victim of those weapons strongly condemns deployment of the weapons by any country.

Iran played an active role in chemical disarmament, as it proposed denying terrorist groups’ access to those weapons as well as launching probes in the areas where the weapons have been used, Zarif said, adding that according to the evidence on the ground, the chemical weapons used in Syria belonged to the Takfiri and terrorist groups and not to the Syrian government.

Iran has always opposed to chemical weapons as it was to nuclear weapons, he said, arguing that since possessing and using those weapons are against human and Islamic principles, therefore, they have no place in Iran’s defense doctrine.

As to Trump’s decertification of Iran’s compliance with the 2015 landmark nuclear deal also known as the joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the foreign minister said that as per the deal, the only authority to acknowledge Iran’s adherence to the deal is International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

JCPOA itself has determined the framework of monitoring implementation of the deal, as it is a comprehensive and firm document, he said.

“We have not reached the deal out of confidence in the US administration; rather it was concluded due to utter lack of confidence to it, as we have negotiated all the issues which were mentioned in the deal,” he said.

Iran will adopt appropriate measures in the face of US violations both based on its own domestic policies and within the framework of Joint Commission takes with monitoring implementation of the 2015 deal, Zarif said.


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