Iran's minister in Washington to attend World Bank, IMF meeting

Tehran, Oct 13, IRNA – Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Masoud Karbasian, heading a delegation, arrived in Washington to attend the 2017 Annual joint meeting of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Deputy Minister and President of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance Mohammad Khazaei and Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Hossein Mir Shoiaei are accompanying Karbasian during his three-day visit.

While in Washington, Karbasian is to meet with top banking officials from different countries.

On the sidelines of the summit, bilateral meetings with ministers and economic officials from several countries, the vice chairmen and managers of the World Bank Group, the head of the International Monetary Fund and the heads of the Central Bank are on the agenda of Iran's economy minister.

The World Bank's autumn summit is slated to be held in Washington on October 13-15.

While in washington, Karbasian will also attend the meeting of the Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development, also known as G-24, attended by heads and ministers of the member countries.

Iran, Pakistan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Lebanon (from Asia), Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago (from Latin America and South Africa), Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast and Ghana (from Africa) are members of G-24. China, Saudi Arabia and Morrocco are attending he meeting of G-24 as observers.


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