FM commemorates Iran's great lyric poet Hafez

Tehran, Oct 12, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif commemorated the anniversary of the country's great lyric poet Hafez Shirazi.

'Our ambassadors are our poets, mystics and thinkers; we navigated with Rumi (Maulana) to this side of the Atlantic Ocean; with Sa'adi we penetrated into the heart of Asia; with Hafez we conquered the world; hence what do we need to conquer again,' Zarif wrote on his Instagram page while quoting President Hassan Rouhani's speech in the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

'We celebrate October 12 (Mehr 20), the day of commemorating the great Iranian poet Hafez Shirazi,' he added.

Zarif also rewrote a poem from Hafez reading: 'All the parrots of India will crack sugar through this Persian Candy which is going to Bengal.'

Hafez is credit of Iranian literature and Iranian culture owes him a lot.

Shamsuddin Mohammad Hafez, known by his pen name Hafez a Persian poet who 'lauded the joys of love, but also targeted hypocrisy', born in 1315 AD and died 1390 AD in Shiraz.