UK envoy to Tehran: Iran-EU forum 'constructive'

Vienna, Oct 7, IRNA – British ambassador to Iran has said that the 4th Europe-Iran Forum was constructive.

The important thing is that it is proved the Iran deal brings people together and that some efforts are underway, Nicholas Hopton said, speaking to the correspondent of the Islamic Republic News on the sidelines of the event in Zurich.

'Strong attendance, good representation from Iran, Europe, elsewhere; very productive discussions,' the British ambassador to Tehran said.

He also commented on the future of the JCPOA, in full the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action, if the US quits it. He said I have nothing to add to what I have already said on October 4.

He had said on October 4 that reports by the UN nuclear watchdog had shown Iran was fully complying with terms of the deal and the UK is fully committed to all side's long-term enactment of the deal.

Quoting Helga Schmitt, the British ambassador to Tehran said that all the sides of the Deal should comply with it and according to the IAEA reports Iran has been so.

'We hope that President Trump will recertify the deal and that the US will continue to play a constructive and important role in the implementation of the JCPOA,' Hopton said.

He also said that if the US doesn’t recertify the deal, the UK will continue with its attempt to consult the Congress about the JCPOA benefits and the necessity to safeguard it.


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