Iran stands by Afghans in hard times: UN envoy

New York, Sep 11, IRNA – Iran has been standing by Afghanistan for the past 16 years as well as the difficult times between 1996 and 2001, said Afghan envoy to the UN Mahmoud Seyqal.

Talking to IRNA, Seyqal added, 'We demand the global community to take notice in the plans and activities of Iran in Afghanistan and accept that Iran has done a lot of positive activities there.'

Talking about Myanmar massacre, he said, 'Afghans are really worried and have sent numerous messages to the government.'

Seyqal said that the Afghan government has denounced the killings and wanted the UN and humanitarian organizations to do investigations in order to find out the facts as soon as possible.

Answering questions regarding terrorism, he said that the development is seriously interwoven with stability and security of Afghanistan', and to improve the situation, roots of terrorism should be targeted, and Afghanistan expects Iran to fight the roots alongside Afghans.

'Terrorism is not an Afghan innovation, it originates outside Afghanistan,' Seyqal said, adding that Taleban, Daesh, al-Qaeda, etc. are all of foreign origins; they are all schooled out of Afghanistan and supported from outside.

Seyqal also confirmed that poverty and unemployment has a role in some ignorant Afghans' entering the terrorist groups, but he reiterated, 'The main problem is the person that orchestrates the plans to destabilize Afghanistan.'

He also said 'We think that global combat against terrorism has not taken shape yet.'

Commenting about drugs, he said, 'The mother of all the problems in Afghanistan is lack of security. The other issue is the relationship between terrorism and narcotics.'

Terrorism needs money; therefore, for example, Taleban takes control of an area, cultivate narcotic plant, harvests them, then evacuates the area, he said.


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