Baptism ceremony of the Sabian Mandaean religious minority in Ahvaz

Tehran, July 17, IRNA – Followers of religious minority Sabian Mandaean performed ablution on the banks of the Karun river in Ahvaz on Monday to mark the sacred Baptism ceremony on the banks of the Karun river in Ahvaz.

Sabian Mandaean religious minority held the ceremony to publicly declare arrival of their new Mandaea year.

Sabian Mandaean are true followers of Yahya prophet who lives near Karun river of Iran and Tigris and Euphrates rivers in southern Iraq.

They live in Iran for about 1800 years.

Sabian Mandaean and their followers have been mentioned in the holy Quran and they have been recognized as religious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Their population stands between 7 to 20 thousand who live in Khuzestan province.

Their total population in the world stands about 75,000 but most of them are now living in Iran and Iraq.