Belgian envoy praises 30 years of Iran generous refugee service

Mashad, July 12, IRNA – Belgian Ambassador to Tehran François Delhoye said on Tuesday that Iran has provided foreign refugees with generous services for the past 30 years.

Iran has provided precious services to the refugees in the last 30 years and the services are still going on, Delhoye said during meeting between the foreign diplomats in the Iranian capital and the provincial officials in Razavi Khorasan.

Representing the mission of foreign diplomats visiting the area in northeastern Iran to get acquainted with refugees’ conditions and their access to services, he said that in spite of domestic problems, Iran has suffered a lot of pressure in its bid to support the refugees.

He added that Iran has managed to address issues in its border areas appropriately and while the country spends a lot in order to provide borders with security, Iranian guards are killed defending the borders.

Referring to Iran’s attempts to host refugees under current chaotic situation in the Middle East, he said that Tehran is trying to restore stability in the region. The Belgian ambassador to Tehran expressed hope that the region would soon see the establishment of peace and stability.

In the meantime, Governor of Razavi Province Ali-Reza Rashidian said that Iran expects other countries to cooperate to restore peace in war-stricken regions.

To stop forced migrations, the most vital step is that all world powers contribute in restoring peace, he said.

“As long as conflicts and wars exist, forced migration also exists for the people who don’t want to live under fire and bloodshed,” he said.