Iran summons Swiss envoy in protest to Tillerson’s statements

Tehran, June 19, IRNA – Iranian foreign ministry summoned Swiss charge d’affaires in Tehran to convey the Islamic Republic's strong protest to the US government over the interfering remarks of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that following the uncalculated and meddling statements by the US secretary of state, Swiss charge d’affaires was summoned in the absence of the ambassador by the ministry’s director general for US affairs to voice Iran’s protest to Tillerson's anti-Iran remarks in the country’s House of Representatives.

The Embassy of Switzerland serves as the protecting power of US interests in Iran.

Foreign Ministry’s director general for US affairs described the statements by the US secretary of state as interfering in Iran’s internal affairs and severely condemned them, Qasemi said.

Keshavarzzadeh dismissed the remarks as against the provisions of the international law and the US government’s international commitments, including UN Charter as well as its bilateral deals with Iran, saying that the US government should stand accountable to such remarks.

Swiss charge d’affaires said that he will pass on Iran’s message to the US government at the earliest and communicate the results to the Islamic Republic of Iran.