Barrage of Mortar attacks to Damascus claims lives of civilians

Damascus, June 19, IRNA -- Terrorists fired 15 mortars shells at residential places in eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside on Monday, killing and injuring some six civilians.

This is regarded as violation of attacking those regions agreed to be regarded as de-escalation of tension districts.

During the attack one civilian was killed and five others were injured.

On May 5, Damascus accepted the plan offered by Russia on demarcation of de-escalation of tension zones.

To punish the terrorists and their supporters, IRGC launched six surface-to-surface mid-range missiles on the Takfiri terrorists’ base in Deir Ez-Zor from IRGC’s bases in Kermanshah and Kordestan provinces, western Iran.

A large number of terrorists are reported to have perished and their equipment and arms were destroyed