Arab countries US puppets: Analyst

Algiers, June 17, IRNA – A renowned Arab analyst commenting on a recent 20 billion-dollar military contract between the United States and Qatar, has said that the deal is expected to remove Doha from the list of terrorism funders and put it once again among Washington’s allies.

Arab countries seem to be puppets manipulated by the US, Abd Albari Atwan wrote in a recent article published by the Raialyoum news website.

A few days ago, Qatar signed a deal to buy 36 F-15 fighter planes from Washington, said Atwan.

Now it is expected that tangible steps will be taken to address the current crisis between the Persian Gulf littoral states, while the risk of a possible military confrontation seems to be dimming added the Raialyoum editor-in-chief.

But putting an end to the siege Qatar is facing now and reopening of their airspace to Qatari planes by Doha’s enemies seem to be unlikely for now, Atwan said.

He added that US President Donald Trump was the main instigator of the crisis who set the region on fire.

Trump exploited the coalition between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirate, Bahrain and Egypt against Qatar to put pressure on the Persian Gulf peninsular country, forcing it to buy American weapons, he said

Now, by purchasing US-made weapons, Doha, in fact, is paying its share of investment in development of the US infrastructures in the same way its big brother Saudi Arabia does, Atwan said.

It is not clear if the coalition was aware of Washington’s real intention or not, he added.

As soon as the deal was signed and the US was sure it would receive 12 billion dollars as the first part of the deal, mediation proposals from different countries soared and Qatar gradually got close to climb out of the trap, he wrote.

The Arab analyst added the codename for the operation was the jingling of billions of dollars that delighted businessman Trump who well knows how to swindle the Persian Gulf Arab countries out of their money through intimidation, menace and creation of tensions and divisions.

When the US resident went back home, he gave the American people a happy message that he had brought money and jobs as souvenirs from his Middle East trip, saying his visit to the region meant “Jobs…jobs … jobs” for the American people.

Atwan said that the real value of the military deal between US and Qatar stands at 21.1 billion dollars and it includes purchase of 72 Boeing planes.

It is a vital deal and it will keep operating the production line, Boeing said.

The deal is also expected to create 60,000 job opportunities in 42 states across the US, the company said.

So we should thank Arabs, it added.

Trump tweeted some days ago that Qatar “has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level”, and isolation of Qatar “will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!”

After the deal, however, such messages no longer exist and instead Qatar tends to be introduced as a strong US ally and it is stressed that purchase of the US-made planes by Doha is a big stride on the way of the two countries to strengthen strategic security cooperation.

The chess pieces are skillfully moved by the US playing at the right time and to the right direction, Atwan said.

A few hours after the signing of the agreement between US Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the Qatari Minister of State for Defense Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, US warships sailed toward Doha, he said.

This shows very clearly that Washington is not going to abandon Doha and that they are others who must be mournful and wait for condolence messages.

Raialyoum editor-in-chief stressed, “This is the play whose scenario has been carefully crafted in the White House and in the recent Riyadh summit, the roles were assigned; the hero of the play is the United States and a lot of attempts have been made to keep as supernumeraries 56 Islamic and Arab countries.

Qatar is no longer regarded as a terrorism funder, at least for now, but in the future we will see enforcement of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA Law), when sure enough everybody will find the name of Qatar and its present foes on the list. And then these countries will have to pay hundreds, or even thousands of billions of dollars to the US as recompense.

Atwan added that the play is expected to include several acts.

We are still watching the first one; and naturally Arabs will be the victims of the play. Mr. Trump, bon appétit … enjoy the billions of dollars, he said.

The ignorant are helpless, he added.