Malaysia, Brazil, Venezuela condemn terrorist attacks on Tehran

Tehran, June 8, IRNA -- Malaysian, Brazilian, and Venezuelan governments condemned the terrorist attacks that took place in Tehran on Wednesday.

The Malaysian statement says that the government of Malaysia expresses its deep sympathy with the Iranian government and people and those affected by the incident and the fact that it happened in the Holy month of Ramadan makes is more sorrowful.

The Brazilian government also expressed its sorrow at the incident, saying Brazil condemns any terrorist acts regardless of the motivation.

The Venezuelan ministry of foreign affairs announced that president Nicolás Maduro condemned Daesh’s (ISIS) terror attack on Tehran and sympathized with President Hassan Rouhani, Iranian government and people.

On Wednesday morning, two attacks hit the parliament and Imam Khomeini Mausoleum in Tehran, killing 17 and wounding 52 people.

Security sources said that one of the suicide bombers in Imam Khomeini Mausoleum was shot before taking any action, but the other one detonated his suicide vest. And from the three terrorists in Majlis (the Iranian Parliament), one could blow himself up, but the other two were shot dead by the security guards.