Iranian Official: Age of tribes is over

Tehran, June 5, IRNA – Age of making coalitions and playing role of the Big Brother is over, said the deputy Chief of Staff of the President for Political Affairs on Monday, adding that collapse of the [Arab states] coalition was resulted from the sword-dance in Riyadh.

Hamid Aboutalebi wrote on his twitter there would be no use but instability in political hegemony, occupation and aggression.

He made the remarks while commenting on the latest tension among certain Arab states and Qatar.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt declared on Monday that they had cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar. They have accused the gas-rich country of supporting terrorist organizations and extremism.

The four Arab countries, followed by a number of other regional states, in the concerted action against Qatar also banned their citizen from travelling to the country, cut their transport link to it.

Calling the accusations baseless, Doha has rejected them.

“The age of sanctions is over too, and cutting diplomatic ties, closing borders, blockading countries, expelling members from the coalition, and…are not the way out of the crisis,”

Aboutalebi put the question forward, “How can a tiny country [Qatar] order the Bahraini regime's overthrow, support for Daesh (ISIS) and Al-Qaeada, extremism in Sinai Peninsula and the rift in the coalition?

“The rift and collapse of the coalition are the result of the sword dance [of US President Donald Trump and Saudi rulers] in Riyadh, …the time of playing the role of Big Brother is over,' he wrote.

The Iranian official affirmed that the countries which are so vulnerable in facing a tiny country such as Qatar, have no way but to implement democracy within their borders and come to negotiation table in the region; the era of tribes is over.