Trump; Iran's opportunity to revive EU ties

Tehran, June 3, IRNA - Washington's influence on the European Union has decreased after President Donald Trump's presidency in the US and this is an opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to revive mutual and multilateral cooperation with the European countries.

Trump's measures over past four months have sparked criticism both at home and abroad, in particular among the European Union member-states.

According to dispatches, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron showed harsh reaction to Trump's policies, including his plan to exit US from the 2015 Paris Climate Change Treaty.

Merkel called the action 'extremely regrettable', adding that nothing would stop those who advocated the treaty.

Macron has also showed reaction and in response to Trump's 'Make America Great Again' populist slogan, tweeted in very large letters: 'Make our planet great again'.

The Europe mainstream media, including BBC, called victory of France's Emmanuel Macron as birth of the anti-Trump.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was another European official who showed anger at Trump's plan, noting that there is no backsliding on the Paris agreement.

Under this situation, when the EU powers, including France and Germany, are taking distance from the US, relations between Moscow and the European capitals has improved.

Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Paris in May 29 and the two leaders showed that they have consensus on major issues of the globe.

While Europe is studying removal of Russia sanctions, The EU is considering adopting economic measures in response to President Trump’s decision to pull out the US out of the Paris climate treaty. EU response can include stopping trade talks, creating closer ties with Moscow and imposing heavy carbon taxes on Washington exports.

US ally in European Union, UK is in the middle of a process to exit the European Union (Brexit) and this means that London will not have its previous power of influence in the EU.

All these developments will lead to a more independent European Union, a union which decides according to its own interests and is not effected by the Anglo-American alliance dictations.

In conclusion, it is Russia and its regional allies; Iran, Iraq and Syria, who can use the opportunity for resolution of regional problems by establishing a stronger partnership with the EU against the US destabilizing role in the region.

In the meantime, it is also a unique opportunity for Iran to revive its economic relations with the European Union member-states which were once Iran's major trade partners.

Writer: Hamdollah Emadi Heydari