Interior Minister: Voting will definitely end at midnight

Tehran, May 20, IRNA – Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said that voting definitely ends at 00:00 local time (7:30pm GMT) on Friday and the time is not extendable because the election should be held only on May 19, according to the law.

He also called on the voters to go to the less crowded stations to be able to cast their ballots before midnight.

He stressed that those who entered the polling station before the end of the legal voting time would be able to cast their votes.

The minister hailed Iranians massive turnout in the 12th presidential and the fifth city and village council elections.

Voting started at 8am across the country in 63,500 polling stations and was supposed to end at 18pm, However, in an unprecedented move, voting hours have been extended three times (each time for two hours) due to people's huge participation in the elections.

The minister contended that the nation created another epic by their huge turnout in the elections and proved that they are still adhering to values and ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

All facilities have been mobilized from earlier hours of the voting to pave the way for polling conveniently but participation was so massive that the facilities fell short, he said.