Iran seeks constructive talks with neighbors: Iran’s envoy

Tehran, May 19, IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran stresses upon peaceful talks with the neighboring countries, said the Iranian ambassador to Kuwait.

The Islamic Republic of Iran with its incoming president definitely seeks constructive talks and good neighborliness because developing ties with the neighbors is part of the basic goals of Iran, said Alireza Enayati, the Iranian envoy to Kuwait.

Regarding the US President Trump meetings with the Arab States’ officials, Enayati said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always stressed upon more cooperation of the Persian Gulf countries with Iran and supports the dialog to solve regional problems.

Enayati made the remarks while visiting the polling stations for the resident Iranians in Kuwait.

As the time of voting process began, at 8 am local time, the Iranians in Kuwait participated fully and actively in the elections.

The voting time in Iran has been extended until 10 pm local time (5:30 GMT)