Full participation in elections disappoints plotters: Envoy

Beirut, May 19, IRNA – Iranian people with their active participation in the elections will send a strong message to the recent plots hatched by regional and trans-regional powers, said the Iranian Ambassador in Lebanon on Friday.

“All Iran’s internal and external power throughout the years after the Islamic revolution in 1979 owes its debts to the all-time participation of Iranian people to govern and decide the future of their country,” said Mohammad Fathali, the Iranian envoy to Lebanon, stressing that the 12th presidential election will be a major move to attain goals and policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“The resident Iranians in Lebanon in three cities of Beirut, Baalbek, and Nabatieh cast their votes,” he said referring to the efforts made by the embassy to hold the elections the best way.

The voting process begun today in three cities in Lebanon at 8am local time.