Orumieh Assyrians to massively turn out in presidential elections

Orumieh, May 18, IRNA -- Head of Orumieh Assyrians Association said that participating in elections is a national duty and Assyrians will go to the polls with all in power on May 19.

'We as Iranian Christians will demonstrate to the world by voting that we are keen on our country's destiny and resolution of our problems,' Stanley Simons told IRNA on Thursday.

Noting that huge turnout in elections is a symbol of democracy in the Islamic system, he said that everyone, including Christians and Muslims, have participated in the elections over the past 38 years and have never abandoned the scene under any circumstances.

'We are indebted to our country,' he said, adding that feeling of responsibility by the Iranian nation has been proved to the entire world and the enemies' efforts to disappoint the nation about the elections have all been in vain.

Contending that the religious minorities need no guardian, Simons said that those sewing discords have failed to create division among the religious minorities and their Muslim brothers.

Assyrians will go to the polls in large numbers on Friday to give a crushing response to the ill-wishers of the country.