China protests US over unilateral sanctions against Iran

Beijing, May 18, IRNA -- Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying protested US unilateral sanctions against Iran and several Chinese companies and said that her country's formal complaint has been submitted to the US.

Talking to reporters on Thursday, she described the decision which was made by the US Treasury Department as mistaken and wrong.

The sanctions will never contribute to mutual trust, she said, asking the US to adopt respectful approach in dealing with the issue.

Noting that her country complies with the internal and international regulations, she said that China is well-aware of its responsibilities against the international community.

Hua recalled that when the sanctions harm third party's interests, they are not beneficial for promoting bilateral relations and 'We have always been opposed to unilateral sanctions.'

She also characterized the sanctions as unilateral and blind, saying that they will never help promote mutual trust.

US President Donald Trump issued new rounds of sanctions against Iran on Wednesday.

In reaction, Iran banned nine other US individuals and companies for playing roles in blatant violation of human rights through direct or indirect involvement in the Zionist regime's anti-human crimes in the occupied lands, supporting Takfiri terrorism and crackdown of regional nations as well as effective cooperation in acts against the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.