Iran's strength, stability comes from its people: Pak analyst

Islamabad, May 17, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani analyst described the huge turnout in different Iran’s elections as exemplary and said that strength, peace and stability of the country comes from its own people.

In an interview with IRNA, Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas, Professor of International Relations at Qauid-e-Azam University said that Iranian people by electing their government in fact can play their own role in democratic process of the country and it is their votes that indirectly impact on regional and international issues.

He said that the reason for the huge turnout in the elections in Iran is the political awareness among the people and their faith in the democratic system of the country.

'People know the importance of their vote in Iran,' he added.

The analyst went on to say that the elections are always very important in Iran because the people through their votes can bring about major changes in the country.

“The elections in Iran have always taken place on time which is quite a big achievement,' he said.

Syed Qandil Abbas noted that the western media are involved in a negative propaganda against the Islamic Revolution and are trying to portray some candidates as against the Islamic Revolution.

He reiterated but one thing is clear and that is all the presidential candidates in Iran are devoted to the Islamic Revolution and they want to protect it at any cost.

'Their strategy to make the Islamic Revolution more successful could be different, but ideologically there is no difference,' viewed the professor.

On May 19 (Friday), four Iranian candidates will run for the elections.

If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of votes cast, the top two candidates will compete in a runoff election on May 26. Huge turnout is also expected during elections.