Pak diplomat: Trump more realistic now, realizes JCPOA in US interests

Islamabad, April 21, IRNA – Former ambassador of Pakistan to Iran, terming the recent extension in the suspension of nuclear sanctions on Iran by the US president as a positive development, said Trump’s views look more realistic than before and he has realized that JCPOA is also in the US interests.

In an interview with IRNA, Javid Husain said after assuming the responsibilities of the US President, Donald Trump has become more realistic and has realized that Iran nuclear deal is in the best interest of not only Iran but of the US and rest of the international community and the US government should continue to abide by the deal.

US President Donald Trump extended the suspension of nuclear sanctions for another period of 90 days, a move which affirms Iran’s adherence to its JCPOA obligations.

Javid Husain said, 'I think this is a welcomed development and it shows that Trump is realizing the importance and relevance of this deal in resolving a dispute peacefully which could have led to very dangerous repercussions.'

The former ambassador, expressing his views, said this action by the US President is an indication that US would continue to abide by its provisions and therefore if this process continues and if there is no disruption from either side, both countries perhaps can engage in talks and dialogue on other differences that have affected their relationship in the past for instance the situation in Syria or Iraq.

“This is a good development which may pave the way for further dialogue between Iran and the US,” he said.

The analyst went on to say that it is a positive development which shows that Iran had continued to abide by its commitments under the nuclear deal (JCPOA) which has the wide spread support of all the international community.

“This is very good for Iran because the country had worked very hard for the conclusion of the deal,” he pointed out.

The diplomat was of the view that the best position that all signatories of JCPOA can take on the issue is to remain fully committed to the deal.

'It is advantageous for the all sides including the US and Iran to stick to that deal and smoothly implement it,' he said.

He added this deal enabled all parties to resolve a difficult issue peacefully which could have led to very dangerous consequences and for the sake of peace between Iran and the US and for the sake of peace and stability in the region, it is advantageous for US to implement its own obligations under the nuclear deal.